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2 years ago
I really wish I had one of those
2 years ago
Whyyyy does she wait so long to respond to him? Im a slave, pet, and fucktoy to my Master..i would be punished for not responding and wasting my Masters precious time.
2 years ago
What’s his name?
12 months ago
I asked my 2 fellow slaves what would happen if we waited that long to respond to master and they said we would get are asses punished and put in are cage all 3 of us know master would put his pets into training if we didn’t respond quick enough
jason 2 years ago
can sumone be my pet -^-
Peebody1 22 hours ago
Wish I was her love to be told what to do
Fucker 12 months ago
Does any girl want to get nasty
Haydar 4 months ago
top G 6 months ago
Sieg heil